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How data is retracted to ACDOCP table from info provider /ERP/SFIN_R01

Jun 01, 2017 at 12:39 PM


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How data is retracted to ACDOCP table from info provider /ERP/SFIN_R01 in BPC optimized for S/4 Hana.

Is there any ABAP class that is used for same. Can we use same functionality in customized real time infocube in S/4 premise.

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Lucas Gabriel Jun 01, 2017 at 08:48 PM

Hi yes,

There are two things, first the delivered content will provide a virtual info provider /ERP/SFIN_V20 which is based on the hana view FCO_C_IBP_ACDOCP. The write back is based on abap class CL_FINS_ACDOCP_IPROV_WRITABLE.

You can check this information by double clicking on the V20 cube and then: Extras --> Information (log/status) -> Type/Attributes -> Details.

However, by default the info provider assigned in the queries is the /ERP/SFIN_R01 (Real time info cube). This values is assigned to a bex variable (/ERP/P_0INFOPROV) which is used in most (or all) bex queries assigned to the standard workbooks. If you want to save data in ACDOCP you need to change the value of that bex variable to /ERP/SFIN_V20. Once you change that, all delivered workbooks will save data in ACDOCP.

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Hey Lucas,

Thank you for your answer.

When checked in system class (CL_RSD_DC_SUPPORT_INFOCUBE) is assigned to real time info cube /ERP/SFIN_R01. As of now if we save the data from standard workbook provided by SAP which are on top of info provider(/ERP/SFIN_R01 (Real time info cube)) it gets saved in ACDOCP. How this is happening??

Just trying to understand how system is pushing data from /ERP/SFIN_R01 to ACDOCP.

Any idea..


Unless SAP has changed something in the latest version, as far as I know -R01 is a real-time info cube - which does not relate to ACDOCP.

The channel between BW/BPC and ACDOCP is the V20 info cube - or at least in the delivered content.

Have you checked the default value in the bex Variable /ERP/P_0INFOPROV?

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Hi Lucas,

I have checked couple of bex queries 1) /ERP/SFIN_A91_IRQ0001 2) /ERP/SFIN_A01_IRQ0001 3) /ERP/SFIN_A21_IRQ0001. In all 3 queries infoprovider info object(0INFOPROV) is restricted with value "/ERP/SFIN_R01" and not with variable /ERP/P_0INFOPROV. Can you suggest where did you check default value for variable /ERP/P_0INFOPROV.

Now i think we need to do some customization to push data back to ACDOCP as i did not find any mechanism in system that would push data back to ACDOCP. There is only one option to push data back to ACDOCP that is through /ERP/SFIN_V20 .

The standard flow provided by SAP does not push data back ACDOCP. Its saved in real time infoprovider /ERP/SFIN_R01. Is this understanding correct.

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It might be the version you're on. In here the variable is definitely being used in the delivered content such as query /ERP/SFIN_A91_IRQ0001 as you can see below.

As I said before, the only customization you need is to change infoprovider field for plan data in the queries (by using the variable or not). The cube /ERP/SFIN_V20 already leverage the ABAP write-back class. And yes, you're correct, by default data goes to R01.

Just do a simple test by changing the query for input ready + 0INFOPROV to /ERP/SFIN_V20. Save any data. Then go to SE16 and check ACDOCP.

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