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Mar 16, 2007 at 12:41 PM

DropDownByKey - Assert condition failed



I have two dropDownByKey fields. CourseType and CourseName. The values of CourseName is dependent on CourseType. I am using value set Attributes to populate the values for both the dropdown. Everything is working fine. When I select a courseType, the respective courseName shows up in the second dropdown.

Now my problem is in the Initialization, I want to set default values for these two drop down. I am able to set the value for the attribute binded to CourseType. But the moment I try to set the value for the attribute binded to CourseName, I get Assert condition failed.

Both the attributes binded to drop down are of type char. I also was hardcoding a character in the set attribute statement. It still gives me the error 'Assert condition failed'. The datatypes are all same.

Can anyone help me out, where I could have gone wrong.