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Mar 16, 2007 at 12:42 PM

Smartform : repeating the page


Hi all,

I need your help regarding a problem in smartform.

I have made two windows(ditto copies) that are to be placed side by side in the page.

Now there is a counter , that is being calculated in the smartform itself.

I want that the page shall call itself (loop over) as many times as the value of counter.

For example, if counter is 10, the output should show 10 pages.

<u>My current approach</u>

counter (default value 0)

I have created 2 windows inside the main window

and before the 1st window I have inserted a command ( with check box ticked to <u>goto next page = %PAGE1</u> and condition counter <= 10)

Just after 2nd window I have incremented the counter by 1 in codelines.

In general attributes of %PAGE1, I have left the field Next Page as blank.

But I am not getting the desired output. Please suggest.