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Unloading duration for Freight Units going to the same customer location

Hi all!

Is it possible to determine different unloading times for freight units going to the same customer location (via condition)?

Let's say we have 5 freight units (pallets) on one vehicle going to the same customer location:

Loading times:

FU1 - FU5 = 10min each = 50min

Unloading times:

FU1: 10min , FU2 - FU5: 1 min each = 14 min

Is such a setting maybe available on the destination location itself?

Any help towards the solution is greatly appreciated.



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3 Answers

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    Jul 28, 2017 at 09:35 AM

    I really think that there must be a solution possible in standard SAP, with Data Access Definition you can add additional fields and with the datacrawler you can also steer on attributes of masterdata objects. E.g. our loading and unloading durations depend on products description on item level, we used the standard condition for loading/unloading for this. But when I read your requirement it is quite complex, many variables influence loading and unloading durations, like floor, neighbourhood, yes/no elevator. And maybe they are also one-time locations and is data not always complete,.... Maybe you could also consider using the field servicelevel on TRQ level, and categorize delivery addresses (like apartment with elevator/without elevator/ <5 th floor 5-10 th floor > 10 th floor) this servicelevel is than an input for your condition, an additional advantage might be that this can also influence the price you charge. If you use repetetive locations, with solid master data I would consider to steer on an attribute of the masterdata object location, else I would consider some kind of field(maybe custom field) on the TRQ object. Good luck!

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  • Dec 04, 2018 at 12:15 PM

    Good news everyone! :)

    It seems SAP is actively reading this blog and they've included the location, MTR and transportation requirement document dependent loading/unloading durations in the 9.5 version!

    Happy planning! :)

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  • Jul 04, 2017 at 11:39 AM

    In the planning profile(Application administration -> Planning -> Planning profiles) you can make settings for loading and unloading duration, there are 4 options. FU and MTr Dependent, FU and MTr independent, FU independent/MTr dependent and MTr independent/FU dependent.

    Furthermore you have to maintian a condition with condition type '/SCMTMS/FU_LOAD_DURA' here you can define loading and unloading durations for different FU types and Mtr., you can add extra variables that influence the loading/unloading duration bij adding extra object using the Data Access Definition.

    So yes it must be possible to fulfill your requirement by making the right setting in the planning profile (

    FU and MTr Dependent)

    However I also think the setting is confusing, by adding the Mtr in the condition it is quite obvious that it is dependent on the MTR, so why an extra setting in the planning profile?

    Kind regards,

    Benno Mateman

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    • Yes, that is correct. There is a condition for FU load and unload times, but it is only configurable by Weight, MTr, Service Time setting or TO type.

      However there is no setting which would allow FU load / unload time to be customer / location specific. At least there is no standard functionality. There is a way one can implement this, but only via BADI ->

      SAP should code this in standard functionality - I'm sure a lot of TM customers / users would like that. Consignee locations are often difficult to reach (especially in the city center area - 1st, 2nd floor...) and FU unload times vary, due to unloading conditions (stairs, elevators, ...).

      When (or rather if) I find the solution, I will post it here. :)