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WorkFlow Documents: Excess texts fields during the generation

Jun 01, 2017 at 11:20 AM


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Hello Experts!

Everytime that we printing a label in CBGL_MP01, and in one of it substance characteristics value do not fit in field of label, the user receive on workflow document with some information about this printing.

Someone know where can I cancel this process? I'm had no succes in my seeking.


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2 Answers

Christoph Bergemann Oct 08, 2017 at 06:58 AM

Dear Ricardo

the "workitem" is referring to a "big" issue in use of the transaction. There is a big risk, that the label does not contain all needed information. Therefore: you need to go "back" to WWI template etc. and check: why do you have the issue.

By adjusting WWI template (or the process) the issue should be resolved


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Dear Christoph,

Thanks for your answer.

I know about the information sended by workitem.

But, where can i configurated this, to send for other users/change users?


Hello Ricardo

may be read OSS number regarding proper set up of WWI generation server. During WWI generation process there are some options for "monitoring and control" the process. I can remember one "workflow" (generating one workitem) to make sure that somebody can "control" the process. I was not aware of the topic you come up with. This is more "GLM" related.

Question: is this issure related to any user of the process? or is the workitem only generated for one user ?

The GLM process is "slightly" different than e.g. SDS process; if something goes wrong here the impact is higher. Therefore: I might imagine that the SAP set up is: if the user use GLM and something is going wrong always the workitem is triggered so there might be no option to stop the proces (or only by using development..)

But if so: i would assume as well: if you would check the "GLM Log (which is generated during the print process i would assume that the same informaiotn should be part of the log) the user should get the same information as in this case an immediate action is needed (by somebody) to remeove the topic as the data printed on label are nto complete (and thsi can be imcompliant !)




SAP sends workitem everytime that some error, for one specific user.I get that log generated by WWI is important, so I need that some users know about this WWI informations.

Satyanarayana Reddy Oct 23, 2017 at 08:05 AM

Hello Ricardo,

This is because of the overflow of the text box , please check the label template and check the dynamic texting , you can check the log in WWI server also it will showing which box the overflow is occurring please check the text box and correct it. This workflow will occur who ever(the user ) do a preview or print from CBGL_MP01. Workflow will generate under his name.(There will be a log in WWI server also for each generation)



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Hello Satya!

Thanks for your support.

Exatly: the log is about the overflow of the box text. But, how I'm can specificated that more than one user know about this errors?


Hello ,

If you check the work flow you will the get the use name also who generated the preview