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Mar 16, 2007 at 08:54 AM

Dates in BEx graph displayed incorrectly


Hi to y'all.

I am creating a project milestone trend report in BW3.1. There I want to create a BEx graph with on the X-axis the reporting week and on the Y-axis the planned completion date. This planned date is a key figure of type date.

In the BEx tool I choose <i>Attach graph</i> to create the line graph, but for some reason I can't get the graph working properly.

By default the system chooses the last line and column as data series, in stead of all 10 columns. Even though the data records are of type date in SAP, Excel treats them as text.

If I manually change the field type to date and I manually create the right series, the graph eventually looks OK, but when I refresh the query, all gets reverted to the old situation.

The source data is something like this:

Rep wk    Start      Test        Release
01.2007   12.01.2007 23.02.2007  03.03.2007
02.2007   12.01.2007 25.02.2007  05.03.2007
03.2007              25.02.2007  10.03.2007

I hope someone has a bright idea, as this problem is eating a lot of precious time.