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Mar 16, 2007 at 07:50 AM

Problem with conversion of Data Types



In my program I need to consider a internal in the follwoing fashion. But

actually LABST is "Valuated stock with unrestricted use"

with DATA TYPE : QUAN and length 13 with decimal length 3.

How to do conversion with out any error.


data: begin of i_mard occurs 0,

matnr like mard-matnr,

labst(17) type <b>N</b>, "otherwise what I have to change

end of i_mard,

select matnr labst from mard into table i_mard.


I dont want to use labst like mard-labst.If its necessary to declare like that I use this .So I think I need to create one more internal table and I have to pass this internal table to it again I think

Please help me in this regard.

This is going to Short dump