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Former Member
Mar 16, 2007 at 07:20 AM

Account based copa does not tie with GL


Hello All,

I have created a report in acccount based copa that shows me the balance of a GL account (XYZ). However, the balance only pertains to postings that have associated profitability segments entered (table CE4XXXX). However, the purpose of account based COPA is to tie FI GL accounts to COPA. Postings that do not have associated profitability segments do not appear in the profitability report, hence the balance of account in FBL3N and the copa report do not match up..this defeats the purpose of employing account based copa that permanently reconciles FI with COPA.

Ofcourse, there are instances where a profitability segment is not required or cannot be generated but it should show up on the report in order for a user to see FI and COPA balances matching (COEP table is getting updated with the currency value even if a profitability segment is not generated).

I need to see the total balance of the GL account in COPA divided in the following way:

Sales YYYY

Cost of Good Sold (Cost element XYZ-assigned to Psg) YYYY

Cost of Good Sold (Cost element XYZ-not assigned to Psg) YYYY