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Mar 15, 2007 at 08:51 PM

SAP XI Functionality


Hi Experts,

I was trying to find out some of the base EAI functionality on SAP XI and got confused with these below items. Hope will get answers in SDN.

<b>1.</b> when a process(integration process with BPM) is in error, can I restart the process from SAP inbox(when the error occurred, it should send an SAP mail/alerts to inbox)?

<b>2.</b> In BPM can we sequence messages from the message data(if I am receiving multiple orders, and I have to post as per the sequence)?

<b>3.</b> What is the facility available to track duplicate message(if I am receiving same message multiple time and I have to process only once and rest I have to discard)?

<b>4.</b> Is it possible to prioritize message in SAP XI? if yes, how?

<b>5.</b> in BPM if I am collecting messages and merging it, can know the details about process like how many messages already merged while the process is running?

<b>6.</b> Can we implement batch lookup process in mapping(if i have an order with multiple item for which i need cross ref data, can execute lookup once and get data for all items)? Can I retry the lookup if it fails first time with a counter or with manual interventions? is it possible to do a lookup 2nd time only for the data which has got failure on first time?

<b>7.</b> How can we handle error(say, if I have to send an alert) while doing lookup?

<b>8.</b> While sending an alert, is there any facility available to customize the message(if I need to add any help tips, or some dynamic data from xml message, or different type of message for SMS and email etc.)? Can we do deadline monitoring for notifications? Can we send message in different languages?

<b>9.</b> Is there any specific way SAP XI handles bulky messages(say 200mb)?

<b>10.</b> Can I search for a message in SAP XI with the data(say order no, sales org etc.) available in the message body?

Please through some light on these.