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Mar 15, 2007 at 08:29 PM

Org Management Data Migration


Hello everyone !!

I am currently working of org data migration from legacy to SAP and using LSMW Recording for Infotype 1000, 1001, 1002 .....

when I came across info type 1001 were I was creating Relations using recording i can easily do whole recording with out any problem, and then I saved this recording and provided source and structure fields.

Problem I encountered at P1001-SCLAS in second screen of tcode PP02. where I have to enter " Type of related object ". its a list of selections where I have to pick one from a list, the value i pick here is description of what I upload from a text file. for eg: if I read the value of SCLAS : k or s, or c or o. then similarly I have to pick a description.

k = cost center, s = positions, c = jobs and o = org unit. depending of subtype I select a list of description is populated.

In P1001-SCLAS which is in the second screen of PP02. here comes the problem, this field is of only 2 character but on the screen I have to select a description which is obviously greater than 2 character.

When I read file and convert data the converted data has only values picked from the file but not description.

Here is what I needed. How do I convert a 2 char field to a 12 or 15 character field in target table and how to select a single description from a list of descriptions.

Note: DTT is ruled out here. No chance of using DTT. But still you can add comments on DTT.

Thanks for any help.