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Mar 15, 2007 at 07:25 PM




As per our discussion, I am sending you my requirement.

call me if you feel any problem in this. My No. is : 610 733 7334.

My Requirement is :

In BW, I need to create a Jump query in RRI from Report to R/3 Transaction.

Here Sender value is i.e from Query i.e. Insurance Object (actually in BW this the combination of Business Partner and Contract).

So I want to pass this value to R/3 Transaction FPL9.

But the passing value has to be segregated as Business Partner and Contract. at BW level only, and has to go to FPL9 Transaction as parameter values.

For that I identified, that need to write User Exit, but for RRI, SAP has moved this User Exit to BAdi.

Now I created a BAdi, which is (Custom) ZRS_BBS_BADI ( Original SAP one is : RS_BBS_BADI).

It has Custom Class is ZCL_IM_RS_BBS_BADI (Original : CL_IM_RS_BBS_BADI)

Inside the class we have 2 methods :



Q) Here in Which one we need to write code? what?

Pleae suggest me entire solution.

Thanks & Regards

Sunil Kumar Pitta

610 733 7334