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Former Member
Mar 15, 2007 at 06:39 PM

keyfigure display attribute not visible in the report



I am facing a problem. I have <b>keyfigures as display attributes</b> in my master infoobject. Earlier I was able to see those <b>display keyfigure attributes</b> in my query and was able to use them in it. After that, few changes were done to the master infoobject (addition of few attributes and deletion of few - but none of them were what I was using). Now after the change, when I open the query in design mode, it gives me error saying that it can't access those attributes (only keyfigure display attributes) and repairs the query (removes those attributes). All the other attributes are visible.

I have already tried rsrv for the master infoobject (corrected the error) and rsrt for the query. After that also it doesn't solve the problem.

What could be the reason? Any pointers would be highly appreciated.