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Mar 15, 2007 at 04:43 PM

Organizational Data not downloaded to MSA


Hello SAP;

We are trying to set up MSA 5.0 SP06 and want to download our

organizational data to MSA. What we have done;

1. Marked the units which we want to download as sales org, sales


2. Marked the units which we want to download "Obj. Permitted in


3. Did a synchronization load for "CRM_DNL_ORGMAN"

4. Run the program "Copy Organizational Structure to CRM Mobile" from


5. Created a subscription "Customizing ORGMAN" for the

publication "Customizing ORGMAN" and assigned it to the client's site.

We are not able to see the data in mobile, may you please help us in

solving the problem?

Kind Regards,

Erkan Kaya

CRM Application Consultant