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Mar 15, 2007 at 02:37 PM

File to multiple idoc scenarios depending on finput field value



i have a file to idoc scenario.

depending on a particular field of the file i have to trigger a single idoc (with all the records in the file)or multiple idocs (for each record in the file ).

for example,

the file has 5 records-

2 records have field value A (create 1 idoc for all As)

3 records have field value B (create 1 idoc for each B)

so in this case 4 idocs (1 for all A, and 3x1 for B) are created

What is the best solution ?-

1. to have several outbound idoc interfaces and check each interface mapping for field value (A or B) ?

this solution seems like overwork to me

2. handle this in mapping ?

in that case will UDF be better or ABAP mapping

3. any other way ?

Thanks in advance