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Mar 15, 2007 at 12:56 PM

Related to testing the workflow


Hi All,

I have created a workflow template as a general task and as per the requirement I have to have a step where in I want to send the mail to the supervisor to notify something.

We have a back ground job which triggers the workflow. So while doing that we are passing the date to the container element.

Keeping this in mind,i have created a workflow container element and we are trying to pass the date to this container element.

This container element if now binded to the standard task container element.I am going for only one step and so have taken care for only one standard task.

I have assigned to the standard task an agent i.e. the job

and have assigned to the workflow an agent which is a general task.

In the workflow builder for the particular step , i have left the expression empty.

In this scenario, if I want to run the workflow,then it gets Started.

But now if I move to Tcode--swi1 and then try to execute the workflow from there ,then it says no administrator if found.

And thus no message is found in the supervisors inbox or the workplace.

Kindly suggest me how to go ahead with it. I am new to workflow and need your help.