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Mar 15, 2007 at 12:49 PM

what is luw (logical unit of work)


pls tell me what is luw (logical unit of work)

what r the types of luw .

2 what ispurpose of code inspector and extended program check

pls expalin the diffrence b/w those two

3what are the candidate keys in db tables

4 what is the difference b/w occurs 1 and occurs 2 clauses

data : begin of itab occurs 0 .

data : itab type standard table of structure type initial size 1 with header line

pls tell diffrence between theese two statements

5can u pls tell what is the client in sap

pls tell answers to questions

pls dont give any websites addresses to see answers

6 what is the transaction from database point of view

7 what is the variant in alv reports

how do we use reuse_alv_grid_variant_get fun module in alvs