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Mar 15, 2007 at 12:34 PM

Tracking unique visitors to portal


I need to find out how many of our brokers are hitting our website during a specific timeperiod (ie: a two week time period). I've been experimenting with the iview 'Portal Activity Report' but I can only seem to get unique users per day. For example if I try to display how many unique brokers have logged on during a two week span it always does the time span correctly but lumps the unique users by day such as;

Week 1 Day 1 : 12 users

Week 1 Day 2 : 10 users

Week 1 Day 3 : 11 users


I would really like to conclude that there were 33 unique brokers hitting our portal and report that to our senior management however that is most likely inaccurate as it could be the same 10 or so brokers hitting each day so the amount of unique visitors might only be 10-12 on any given day... so I really need to count unique visitors during the entire period and not group by day. I can not find ANY setting to do this and I think I've tried every setting on that iview.

Any suggestions?