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Mar 15, 2007 at 11:32 AM

Script Totals



In my script im displaying the extended price.

extended price = (order qty * price)

extended price = (order qty * condition amount)

those r displaying correctly and based on that im doing sub totals using the's also fine.

here my problem is i need to calculate the totals(sum of all subtotals)

this total i need to display in footer.

here my question is how do i get totals.

In my requirement i have 2 possibilities.

1. the billing document may have the promocode or not.we r displaying the condition amount based on promo code.

if there is no promo code it's calculating the extended price (order qty * price)

so in this situation im not having the subtotal.

the extended price is stored in 'v_price'.

in this situation how do i get totals?

i coded in se71 like

in main window after displaying price


/: &V_TOTAL& = &V_TOTAL& + &V_PRICE&

in footer


but i didn't get the it correct process na or any process is there ?