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Mar 15, 2007 at 11:18 AM

External authentication using Headervariable


Hi SAP Experts

We have configured External authentication for WEM using Headervariable.We are using BI Java 7.0

External authentication is working fine using Headervariable Login module for URL http://<WEb Server hostname>/irj which redirect to http://<J2EE hostname>:<port #>/irj

As you all know that we also use http://<J2EE hostname>:<port #> for Administation point of view where many options available like user management, SLD, Webdynpro, NetWeaver Administation etc.We have not configured this URL for External Authentication and also do not want to configure but when tyring to access any administration option on this, portal prompts default logon page and after entering Portal UserID/Password we get message like " No Loginmodules configured for Header"

I do not know why system display this message

Please help me if anyone has experience to resolve this issue, as we want to use URL http://<J2EE hostname:<port #>, which should prompts Portal Logon screen and after entering Portal userid/password we should access the administration screen without afftecting our External Authentication configuration for URL http://<WEb Server host>/irj

Thanks in Advance

Thanks with Regards

Deelip Kumar