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Mar 15, 2007 at 09:31 AM

Pricing Schema


Dear Consultants,

My schema works even if I am not put any value in subtotal column.

Please guide when are the following keys are used under different circumstances.

Q1: which keys to be used at what subtotal, are they necessary to use in subtotal?

1 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI1

2 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI2

3 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI3

4 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI4

5 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI5

6 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI6

9 Copy values to KOMP-BRTWR (gross value)

S Copy values to KOMP-EFFWR (effective value)

Q2 Is it necessary to use below key for deriving total value of PO by using below key?

S Copy values to KOMP-EFFWR (effective value)

Q3 What does the following keys meant for:

D Copy value to XWORKD

E Copy value to XWORKE

F Copy value to XWORKF

G Copy value to XWORKG

H Copy value to XWORKH

I Copy value to XWORKI

J Copy value to XWORKJ

K Copy price to XWORKK

L Copy price to XWORKL

M Copy price to XWORKM

Q4: what function condition class is performing? I used condition class Taxes in one of the condition type, the value of this condition was not totaling the net value of PO.

Even going through SAP Help and other documentation it is not giving any deep understanding on subject.

Request you to guide.

Thanks and regards