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Mar 15, 2007 at 05:51 AM

Schdulelines & Tax indicator in MM02


Hi everyone,

1) am getting some strage problem(not for u ,i HOPE).

I have created material and far its fine.when i go to MM02 n try to save the material itz asking for tax indicator which is already maintained at the time of creation.everytime when i go to MM02 to check any data, at the time of saving its giving the same messgage, I need to enter everytime before saving .How can I stop this?

2) In sales order am getting 2 schedule lines.even i have the material(finished good) available on that del date which is creation date of the SO.I cheked for the stock MMBE.stock is 1000EA n required qtty in SO is 5 EA.still itz giving 2 schedule lines.I tried in MM02 ,have cheked in house prodouction(1) and planned del days(1).But still getting the same multiple schedule lines.(SL)

why ??where I need to check to get a single SL?

*reward points if it solves prob