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Mar 15, 2007 at 03:34 AM



Hi all.

I am fasing an issue in the script medruck.

I copied the medruck into zmedruck.

in the standard form the line items in the

main window are:'item no', 'material', 'discription'(as in first row).

these are printing through text element /E ITEM_LINE_1.

in the second row: '0rder qty', 'unit'.

printing through the text element:ITEM_LINE_3F.

my requirement is,to change the positions of; discription ;and ;order qty'.

so I moved the 'description ' to second row and 'order qty' to first row.

but in the print preview the 'description' is comming.

but the 'order qty' is not comming.( the corresponding fiels is--RM06P-PRMG1).

in the debugging while the value in the field RM06P-PRMG1 is deleting when controll comming to the text elementb ITEM_LINE_1.

Can any body help me to solve this issue.

thanks in advance,