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Mar 15, 2007 at 12:03 AM

3rd party shipping - need to trigger PO on vendor


Hi guys,

We are using a configurator wherein we feed many generic and customer specific (manny for the same sold to) product descriptions to tie them to out material code (something like the CMIR - VD51 but the relationship is one material to many different customer specific descriptions hence the need for this configurator).

In some cases, we currently in our legacy system, ask the vendors to supply directly for certain products - these products are unique i.e. either the vendor ships them or we do it, no mix ups or double ups. We need a provision to trigger the PO to the vendor for these cases - I believe in VD51, the 'item usage' field can be used to change the item category in the order and trigger the PO...not sure how it works though - any guidance?

Thanks a lot.