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Mar 14, 2007 at 11:11 PM

Fire outbound plug from Component Interface View to another Component?


Dear SDN Fellow,

I have a Comp (said Comp A) use an Comp Interview View of another Component (said Comp B) from another Dev. Comp. (DC). I have a Outbound Plug (said GotoCompB) that navigate to the Default Plug of Comp Interface View( of Comp B). Here , I can successfully navigate to default view of Comp B.

But my requirement is that I need to have a "Back" button to navigate back to Comp A (to the view that I navigate from, without starting a new instance/section. Basically, resume the stage of the view that I navigate from)

To do so, I added a Outbound Plug (said BackToCompAPlugOut) in Comp Interface View (of Comp B), then I link it to the Inbound Bound of Comp A (said FromBackPlugIn).

My question is: How do I trigger the Outbound Plug (BackToCompAPlugOut) in the action (onActionBack)? I understand that I cannot do like:


This doesn;t work for me.

I know that I can implement this using the exitPlug() with the URL of Comp B application. Then, when I click the Back button, I called exitPlug(), and navigate back to the CompA application. But I try to implement it with one application, that is why I try the above solution.

Please advise.