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Mar 14, 2007 at 09:17 PM

XI to XI - XI adapter communication



I have the following scenario :

BSysA --> XIA --> XIB --> BSysB

XIA and XIB are my two integration servers with separate SLDs. Both XIA and XIB have been setup as integration servers in sxmb_admin

My aim is to setup a communication between XIA and XIB using XI adapters

In XIA - integration server, I set up a receiver determination for the msg from BSysA to point to XIB and a corresponding receiver channel .

I have included XIB as a busines system in SLD of XIA and vice-versa. ( XIA and XIB having roles of business systems in the respective SLDs )

Now when I send a message from BSysA - it reaches XIA and then gets routed to XIB - in XIB - I get a error message PROXY_NOT_ALLOWED_ON_IS - Proxy calls on the sender or receiver side are not permitted on the IS

Now, I don't understand why XIB cannot be treated as an integration server ( which it is as per definition ) and the message from XIB be forwarded to its logical receiver BSysB ( I set up another receiver determination in XIB to point to BSysB )

( I have only a single client on XIB configured as an integration server )

Any thoughts on what is going wrong here - ? I am sure I am missing a very minor detail here - since I saw another thread which said they have managed a XI to XI communication in a similar fashion.