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Mar 14, 2007 at 03:27 PM

The ABAP call stack was: SYSTEM-EXIT of program BBPGLOBAL



We are using SRM 5.0. We are facing a strange problem. We are able to see the initial screen of SRM EBP in the browser. But once the user name and password are provided the system goes for a dump with the following error:

The following error text was processed in the system SS0 : System error

The error occurred on the application server <Server Name> and in the work process 0 .

The termination type was: ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE

The ABAP call stack was: SYSTEM-EXIT of program BBPGLOBAL

<b>SM21 Log:</b>

Short Text

Transaction Canceled &9&9&5 ( &a &b &c &d &e &f &g &h &i )

The transaction has been terminated. This may be caused by a

termination message from the application (MESSAGE Axxx) or by an error

detected by the SAP System due to which it makes no sense to proceed

with the transaction. The actual reason for the termination is

indicated by the T100 message and the parameters.

Transaction Canceled ITS_P 001 ( )

Message Id: ITS_P

Message No: 001

I just checked these threads but did not help much,

RABAX_STATE error after loggin into BBPSTART service in SRM 4.


Besides I tried this note: 790727 as well, still I get the same error.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Kathirvel Balakrishnan