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WebI Report - Unable to bring all values in a single row

May 31, 2017 at 12:52 PM


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Hi folks,

I am creating a WebI report on top of a bex query, which is built on top of a multiprovider. The Multiprovider combines the sales data (which is maintained on months) with current stock data (which does not have any month entry). In the Bex query, I have put the stock key figure and for the sales, I have created a restricted key figure which brings the sales value restricted on the months provided as input by the user. When I check the Bex output in RSRT, it shows me : plant, stock value, sales value - in a single line. Everything is all good till here. Problem starts, when in the WebI report, I define a variable formula to divide the sles value by the days in month. When I add this variable to the report, the stock value is displayed in a separate row and the sales value with the variable calculation appears in one row. I understand this is because the I am using month field in the variable to calculate the no of days and the stock value is not attached to month - hence WebI is showing the sales and stock value in separate rows. But, I want this all i.e. plant, stock value, sales value, variable (sales divided by no. of days) to all be displayed in a single row. Your help in achieving this would be appreciated. Screenshot of webi output is attached for your reference.

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can you share the screenshot how table is in webi?


Updated my question by attaching screenshot of the webi output

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1 Answer

BO Tech Jun 04, 2017 at 07:40 AM

Awaiting some answers. Any help would be appreciated.

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