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Unable to Import Schema

May 31, 2017 at 12:02 PM


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Hi All,

I am trying to restore schema backups on the HANA Studio, and I am running into an error. I urgently need to restore a customer's schema for testing and I am unable to resolve the error code below:

Could not execute 'import "DRUMRODE"."*" from '/hana/shared/NDB/HDB00/Drumrode/2405/' with replace threads 10'

SAP DBTech JDBC: [2048]: column store error: table import failed; [0] No error

Any thoughts and suggestions.

Kind regards,

Vinolan Pillay

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3 Answers

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Mynyna Chau
Jun 02, 2017 at 01:39 PM

Hi, I have seen, that a similar issue occured here:

Please check it out and see if the answers within help you.

I also found this documentation, which might help you solve your issue, please have a look:

Regards, Mynyna

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Former Member

Hello Mynyna,

It is not nice to just share links, which the OP can themselves find if they search. It would be better if you can add to the information with your knowledge. And it is against community rules too :)

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Former Member Jun 06, 2017 at 06:43 PM

schema import/export is complex. it has a lot of rules that you need to know of. those rules below might help you, but it's just a part of the rules that you need to follow to have a working export/import without issue

1. archive schema file on the linux server side. you can't archive the files by using samba/windows share through you windows. this is probably related to posix attributes lost, there is a sap note about this

2. don't "with replace" except if you know what you are doing. for more that 4 years not sap has used the work "ignore existing". using with replace will replace the content of the SBO-COMMON that was exported at the same time as your b1 schema

3. check the file system permission after you extract the archive on your destination server.

4. always do a backup before importing, because that import may corrupt you bd even if it fail, like with the replace keyword.

5. always delete a failed schema before trying to reimport

there are others, but these are the one on top of my mind.

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Michael Healy
Jun 08, 2017 at 07:04 PM

That's an out of memory. When posting here please provide more information from log files ie: Indexserver trace file. We could help more if the error was more descriptive.

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