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Mar 14, 2007 at 11:31 AM

BPM Acknowledgement message reading the wrong integration server name



I have a scenario where I have BPM which sends data to A MS SQL Server database and waits for a TRANSPORT Acknowledgement. The Mesage going to the Database is processed successfully but the acknowledgement messasge fails giving the following error when viewed in the message monitor.


no_integration_server_found: Unable to find Integration Server is.XX.XXXXXXXX

Error while reading access data (URL, user, password) of Integration Server is.XX.XXXXXXXX

Actually the string "is.XX.XXXXXXXX" contains the name of the integration server.

Now my problem is the actual value contained in the above string is the name of the integration server . But this name is not correct , I mean it is not what the actual name should be. We are not able to find out from where this incorrect name is being picked up. Can anyone tell from where the actaul name and url of the integration server is read. Is it stored in different locations for inbound messages and acknowledgement msgs. Will refreshing any of the caches will help.

Please suggest.


Nilesh Taunk.