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Import Error 16

Hi guys,

I'm developing a tool to import requests to system on a totally different landscape, so I have to copy the Data and Cofiles files from the source system to the target system, and then add the request to the queue of the target system and do the import itself.

To copy the files from the source to the target system I'm using the FM's used by CG3Y and CG3Z, that I call in some RFC's I created...

Most of the times it works fine, but there's some cases that I get error 16 in the import, as you can see in the below printscreen

I searched a little but I couldn't find what can be the problem... but then I remembered that this issue must be related to the copy of the files from the source to the target, so I compared the AL11 in the two systems, and the size of the files is totally different, as you can see in the below printscreens



Everything went fine with the requests RHDK852851 and RHDK952753, but I got error 16 in the requests RHDK952853 and RHDK852849, in which cases the files size increased the most, and that's very odd. Those requests are just for test, so they are empty.

Do you think the error as anything to do with this?

If not, what can be happening?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Andre Luz

image027.png (30.2 kB)
image001.png (25.9 kB)
image034.png (21.5 kB)
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2 Answers

  • May 31, 2017 at 09:14 AM

    Why not use SAP standard STMS ?

    Select 'Extras->Other requests->Add'

    Place your cofiles in the relevant directory and then just run STMS ......

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    • Because the goal of the tool I'm developing it's exactly to avoid that. There's always a big amount of requests to import from a system to another one in a completely different landscape, and it's very annoying to copy the files and do the import manually, one-by-one, and that's exactly why I have been asked to develop this tool

  • Jun 01, 2017 at 11:40 AM

    Did you insure that TRANS "K*" files are copied in text mode and DATA "R*" files are copied in binary mode (actualy just some DATASET statements are required) You could also call a FM like TMS_MGR_GREP_TRANSPORT_QUEUE to check the request is not already there.

    Once files correctly copied, did you use a FM like TMS_MGR_FORWARD_TR_REQUEST to add the request to import queue, then a FM like TMS_MGR_IMPORT_TR_REQUEST to execute import?

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