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Mar 14, 2007 at 05:34 AM

reg sap scripts


by the time of modification standard medruck, i suppose to display the value of brgew,brgew_g i.e gross weight for one piece and total gross weight. this will be calculated by multiplying brgew with menge fields present in ekpo table. But in me23n the value isdisplaying in brgew_g field and wihich is structure field and its not holding data in any other tables refer to this field.

Even by using subroutine pool for single item record the value is founding but if the purchase order contains multiple item records the process of sub routine pool returns only one itiration value and that value is diplaying .

so i request any one can provide solution for it as i could not do any coding i n scirpts and here we are using standard rint programme sapfm06p so i con`t write any code in write_form.

please forward me the solution as early as possible.