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Cost Center planning on S4 HANA 1610

May 31, 2017 at 07:30 AM


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Hi Experts,

When I use the app : Import Financial Plan Data to import cost center plan data, I found the plan data is written to table ACDOCP.

When I use the GUI T-Code : KP06 to input plan data, I found the plan data is written to COEP as before and not written to table ACDOCP.

When I use the app : Plan Cost Centers on periods to input the plan data I cannot found the data both on table COEP and ACDOCP.

My questions as below :

  1. Due to different actions will write to different table so if I use app to import plan data I cannot use the t-code on GUI to display the plan data, for example : S_ALR_87013611, I cannot use the plan data to auto calculate the activity plan price with t-code : KSS4 – Splitting & KSPI - Price Calculation.
  2. If I use KP06 to input plan data then I cannot see the data with some app , for example Cost Centers plan/actual .
  3. Where is the data when I use Plan Cost Centers on periods ?
  4. I think it’s unreasonable for plan data to write to different table with different function.
  5. What is the normal recommendation for customer to input the plan data?

Thanks and Best Regards,

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1 Answer

Frederick Da Costa Ramos Feb 22 at 09:12 PM

Hi Monica, I was facing the same situation.So far what I found:

01) The app "Import P&L Plant Data" stores in ACDOCP. No flow to CO tables for planning COSP_BAK, COSS_BAK.

02) There is the feature "Excel Analysis" that enables BPC Embedded where you can select functions to plan cost center, cost elements and activities. These functions save the information in BPC and you have to run a function to transfer to ERP. So finally these information flows to CO tables (COSP_BAK, COSS_BAK) and will be available in planning functions KP06,KP26 and reports.

So far I didn´t find an app to KSPI, there is only a webdynpro, so you have to run it in S/4 or enable it in Fiori.

In fact, this scenario of ACDOCP table x COSP_BAK,COSS_BAK is not clear the benefits. It seems a Financial Planning x Cost Planning.

From user usage, I would be better to load planning only once.

We still need a Fiori to replace KP06/KP26/KSS2/KSPI functions. The same for actual processes.

I hope this information helps you.


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