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Mar 14, 2007 at 05:17 AM

RFC Change



i have an RFC <b>RFC_CALCULATE_TAXES_DOC</b> which is linked with Taxware,

i found that this RFC is called in the class <b>CL_XTAX_RULES_RFC</b>

now when a sales order is created, it calls this RFC calculates and gives a value.

but since the values are wrong and on debugging we found that there is a TaxPayItem field which is set 'X',

i need to remove this 'X' and make it blank.

how could i do this in an RFC, is it that i need to write a wrapper function.

if so, please also tell me what this wrapper function is and how would i use it in my case where i just want to make my TaxPayment field as blank.

Or is there other option to resolve the issue ?


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Aditya Varrier