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Mar 13, 2007 at 10:27 PM

HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION - Need help w/Deleting infotype records


Hello all,

We have an issue where infotype records got created where the ENDDA is less than the BEGDA (ENDDA = 06/30/2006 and BEGDA = 07/01/2006). We are trying to delete these using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION but we are getting message PG-009 (No data stored for 9001 in the selected period) returned in our tests.

BTW, 9001 is one of our customer infotypes.

I know I can remove these records using a direct SQL statement, but I would prefer to remove them more gracefully if possible. Is there a way around this error? I actually think function module HR_READ_INFOTYPE is raising the error.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.