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APO DP Security Model

Hi All

We have a SCM 5.0 for Demand Planning. I have been asked to design security model for the APO DP system.

There are 2 planning areas globally with 5 planning books each. The client wants me to control the authorizations at the Selection IDs level so that in each planning book a selection id can be created for each country. For example one Selection ID for USA, one for Germany, one for Mexico.

So that Mexico users may have read/write access to their Selection ID however only display access to USA Selection ID. Iam designing the security for APO system for first time. I have searched many forum there is not help about APO security models. I think the authorizations cannot be controlled at Selection ID level.

Can someone suggest a better security model if you have implemented it before. Eagerly waiting for replies.

And let me know if you need more information.



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3 Answers

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    Mar 13, 2007 at 11:48 PM

    the help files are here

    you can use object C_APO_SEL3 for selection id authorization

    (this is for SCM 4.x and 5.x there are C_APO_SEL2 for 3.x)

    You can allow display for * and if you allow creation and change for say US* for the US roles and ME* for the Mexican roles.

    Authorization for working with selections is checked using object C_APO_FUN and the functions C_SELCTION and C_SELORG.

    by authorizations on location (C_APO_LOC) you can ensure they will choose only their country. Or if you are using some other characteristic in DP you can run additional checks if necessary by using the user exit for authorizations. With this user exit or the BAdI method 'SELECTION_CHECK' (BAdI '/SAPAPO/SDP_SELECTOR'), you can, for example, force a user to make a selection for a certain characteristic.

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    Mar 13, 2007 at 06:14 PM


    As far as I know there is no security object on Selection ID level. If each county is set as different planning book it would be easier to control of change and display access.

    If there is a strict requirement to use same planning book, then follwing can be suggested

    1- First remove creation/modification of selection ID's from user profile

    2- Then create all required Selection IDs. based on country, division...

    3- Then assign users to related selection ID's - generally done by functional team

    4- Hence each user can reach their selection

    5- Further display/ review can be provided through BW report since it has more user restriction capabilities.

    Let me know if any further question.


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    • Former Member

      Hi Siir

      User: U1

      Planning Book: PB1

      Selection IDs: SelectionID1, SelectionID2

      I worked on the Selection IDs. The issue is that a user U1 needs display/change access on SelectionID1 and display-only access on SelectionID2. You can see both Selection IDs are in the same planning book PB1. This is the main issue right now to design the model.

      Now to give display/change access to SelectionID1, I have to give change access on PB1 first.

      But when I give change access on PB1 for the user, the user is getting display/change access on both Selection IDs. Thats not what I want.

      This makes me think that the above requirement is not possible. Can you please tell me if this is possible. And if it is possible, can you please give me some detail level on the 5 points you mentioned in ur previous post.

      Thanks all for replies.

      Somnath, please post if you have any detailed inputs.

      Waiting for replies. and please let me know if you need more information

      Thanks a ton


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    Mar 28, 2007 at 03:02 AM

    assigned incorrectly

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