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Mar 13, 2007 at 04:02 PM

Help on loading Master data u0096 given a flat file in this format



..I have a file


Customer Code Display name Customer Name

CustCde1 DisplNme1 DescCustomerNme1

CustCde2 DisplNme2 DescCustomerNme2

where Customer Code is the InfoObject GGG_10 and Display name (GGG_11) is an attribute of GGG_10. Customer Name is Medium description of GGG_10.

There already exist 2 infopackages: one for text and the other for attribute. How do I go about in loading this file, Test.csv?

I separated the file into

TestAttrib.csv :

Customer Code Display name

CustCde1 DisplNme1

CustCde2 DisplNme2

and this loaded without any errors and I could browse them through Maintain Master on the InfoObject (GGG_10). Except that the Description column is blank.

On the other hand when I created a second file:


Customer Code Customer Name

CustCde1 DescCustomerNme1

CustCde2 DescCustomerNme2

It fails to load Â…indicating that Custcde1 is invalid. Even if I change this it still fails.

Can you direct me on how best to handle the original file so that when I browse the InfoObject (GGG_10), I will be able to see all 3 columns in the original file? Please provide steps on any suggestion.