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Mar 13, 2007 at 02:49 PM

Heuristics with Activity duration and planned delivery time


Scenario 1: In my SNP plan P-102-SNP_2300_ALT10, the fixed duration of activity was extended from 1 to 10 days.

This plan has a resource Work10.

Result: When I run Heuristic, the system donot take this resource Work10 into consideration when planning. Why?

Scenario 2: P-102 is made up of a raw material 102-100. The planned delivery time in product master(procurement tab) of 102-100 is changed to 999 days.

Result: When Heuristics was run, the system has generated distribution demand but couldnt create any distribution receipts due to planned delivery time of 999 days.

As per the Heuristics concept, the source determination is done in the following order:

1. Quota arrangements

2. Priorities

3. Costs

4. Source Validity(with PPMs and Transportation lanes) and

5. Lot sizes.

The system determines the sources and creates demands and receipts as per the type of Heuristics being executed.

Now, the question is: Heuristics is not considering the activity time or planned delivery time of the supplier. Then why in the above two cases, is the Heuristic not considering the work center and supplier respectively?

Thank you.