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Assignment of same Cost Element different Cost Center

May 30, 2017 at 09:08 PM


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Hi Seniors,

I have a scenario where we have same COA, same controlling area and same chart of depreciation to 2 different company codes. Also using same asset class as well. As COA is same so Cost element would be same as well. Account determination for asset class would be to the same cost element as well but different company codes and work well in FI GL account scenario but when want to assign different cost center in the respective company codes I am not able to assign different cost centers. I tried to assign even through okb9 but still not flowing different cost centers to company codes.

COA Company Code Cost Element Assigned Cost Center

ffus cc1 30001 2000110

ffus cc2 30001 Different cost center?

.Is there any transaction code or any other way we can do it.

Regards Imran

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2 Answers

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Eli Klovski
Jun 02, 2017 at 01:29 PM

OKB9 won't overwrite the responsible cost centre taken from the asset, when depreciation is executed.

If you want to split the depreciation between different cost centres, you would have to do so with CO allocation tools, e.g. distribution, assessment or simple internal CO posting.

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so what I understand is do not assign any separate cost center to gl accounts and let the depreciation go to cost center assigned to asset master in as01 and use allocation tools later to split it? Am I right?


Yes, correct

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Thanks a lot sir, its a great help

Eli Klovski
Jun 01, 2017 at 08:22 AM


You should be more specific in description of your issue. What is the problem exactly?

You have cost centres defined with different company codes, but under the same controlling area. So far so good...

What do you want to achieve afterwards? You mentioned OKB9... This setting is company code dependent, so everything that you would define there will also work on this basis. For which transactions/scenario the system doesn't do what you expect?



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Former Member

Thanks Eli for your reply,

I want to split depreciation in cost centers separately;in controlling area I have 2 separate nodes for both company codes say company code1 and company code2 and attach separate cost centers for depreciation for each asset class say vehicle depreciation for cc1 and vehicle depreciation for cc2. Using same asset class for both the company codes say Vehicle, as Chart of account same so cost element would be same eg 30001. When I assign company code1 cost center to cost element 30001 based on company code 1 and company code 2 cost center to same cost element based on company code 2 its not working and actually in 1 accompany code it goes to the cost center assigned in asset master instead of gl master assignment. I hope it would clear scenario a bit.