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Mar 13, 2007 at 12:02 PM

SAp Script Issue



I am developing a SapScript by copying a std layout to a 'Z*' layout. I am not modifying the print program, but am writing a separate routine for new fields.

In the main window, there are many frames (boxes).

I have to modify some of them as well as add new ones.

E.g. Initially there was 1 frame that had just 1 field, now this frame is to be divided into two frames representing 2 different fields. Both these fields are dynamic. My problem is to draw the vertical line that would divide the frame into 2, because as I said the fields are dynamic and so i cannot set the line length using "/: Box Xpos '4' cm YPOS ......".

This statement will only help in determining the exact X-position, but it cannot exactly determine the length of the line as the fields are dynamic.

Please provide some suggestions.

Thanks & Regards,