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Mar 13, 2007 at 11:08 AM

Files to unpack for Oracle software installation



I am downloading files from SAP software distribution center and unpacking them to use them for installation of Oracle software. I need Oracle software for HP-UX IA64 operating system (I will further download latest patchset for 10.2 oracle version, e.g., but this is not my question here)

I have followed instructions and downloaded to Windows server files 51031671_1 to 51031671_7 (7 files in total, first one is exe and other 6 are RAR files).

I have extracted them on my windows server by executing first file and it did extracted fine creating 2 directories 51031671_1 and 51031671_2. Each of these directories contain few files, e.g. CDLABEL, COPY, CRCFILE.DAT, LABEL, SHAFILE, VERSION and first directory contains OR110264.SAR, OR210264.SAR, OR310264.SAR while second contains OR410264.SAR. (it seems good as it match information given in content info)

I have ftp-ed these SAR files to my HPUX server together with the latest SAPCAR software and I have extracted them with SAPCAR -xvf OR110264.SAR.

Extracting OR110264.SAR created folder database

Extracting OR210264.SAR created folder client

Extracting OR310264.SAR created folder clusterware

Extracting OR410264.SAR created folder companion

Can someone please explain me:

1. Did I do process right?

2. What all these directories are?

3. From which directory I should run RUNINSTALLER to install oracle