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Mar 13, 2007 at 09:53 AM

INITIALIZATION event of Tabstrips in Selection screens


Hello all.

I created a selection screen with 6 tabs. Each tab is a "standalone" transaction with it's own logic (i.e. tab1 will execute form 1, tab2 will execute form 2 and so on).

In the end each tab will display an ALV report.

The problem: after the display of the ALV or if no data was found (an error msg. is displayed), the screen goes through the INITIALIZATION event and the tabs are reset again into the first (default) tab. So if the user in in tab4 and no data was displayed - he get's the error msg. and the selection screen displays tab1 again. All the selection data the user has entered into tab4 is still kept in tab4.

Is there a way to bypass the INITIALIZATION event or control the activetab?

Thanks and regards...