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Former Member
May 30, 2017 at 04:06 PM

Calibri font rendering broken again in sp19 & sp20


I have a few reports that use the Calibri font. These were rendering fine until I upgraded Crystal Reports. Unfortunately I did not take note of the version that was render correctly.

After installing sp20, all t's were rendered as tti, f's as fi and there were a few other oddeties. I uninstalled sp20 and installed sp19. Then t's were rendered as tt, and c's got a strange descender. I then uninstalled sp19, then installed sp18 and the Calibri text rendered correctly again.

I notice one of the fixes listed in sp20 was a pdf rendering fix and wonder if this might not have caused the error.

I was hoping to install sp21 for vs2017 support - really hope you manage to fix the Calibri rendering for that release...