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Former Member
Mar 12, 2007 at 06:24 PM

ECR/ECO User status definition


Hi all,

I’m defining the user status network for an ECR/ECO.

The problem is that i have to define status in order to complete a approval process in parallel. For that reason I define "Status with status no." in order to define the process and "status without status no." in order to approve independently. in that way I have the radio buttons for the process and the checkbox for the approvals.

The problem is that my requirement is not cover due to the fact that I need:

- Activate the "Status without status no." only for the step 2 of the process (ie, only when the second radio button is flagged")

- Ensure that the 3 checkbox are flagged before moving to the next step

Any of you guys can help me in order to cover this?

In addition any help on security to change status will be agreed. I tried to use firm strategy unsuccessfully

Many thanks in advance