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YTD on Payslip

Hi Gurus

I want to add YTD Amount for each wage type in both Earnings and Deductions.

Earnings and Deductions ( 3 Columns) should be shown like....

Sal Amount YTD Amount

Sal Amount YTD Amount

can any one suggest me how to do it?

I been trying by giving all wagetypes from CRT in window1 for Earnings and Window 2 for Deductions, also suggest me whether i did right or wrong?

but Amount and ytd amount showing same values. and let me know what config must be done?


capture2.png (18.5 kB)
capture3.png (28.3 kB)
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2 Answers

  • May 31, 2017 at 05:10 PM

    In your screen capture od a Window, we can see that the RT values and the CRT values will both use PTyp B2 and CTy. X.

    Please look at the Line Layouts you have, and see if one of them is set-up to show the Amount in a different column than PTyp B2 and CTy. X.

    In the following example, Column Type 03 is set-up to show the CRT to the left of the Rate/Number/Amount of the RT (CTy. 02), and the Retroactive Amount would appear on the far left through C.Ty.01

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    • Former Member

      Hi Remi

      It displays same values in both Earnings & Deductions YTD Amount columns as below.

      it seems as YTD Deduction values coming from YTD Earnings Coloumn

      I set PCL 30 Specification as '1' AMT & NUM may be cumulated in the current year and Cumulation as Monthly in table V_T54C3. still not coming right values.

      also plz let me know what is the Period parameter should be maintained in Table V_T54C1, and what config should be done besides this?



      Table V_T54C3



      capture8.png (6.5 kB)
      capture10.png (1.1 kB)
      capture9.png (6.8 kB)
      capture7.png (6.6 kB)
      capture7.png (6.7 kB)
      capture9.png (2.3 kB)
      capture11.png (18.2 kB)
      capture11.png (18.2 kB)
  • Jun 01, 2017 at 04:56 PM

    On the "Change Lane Layout" tab of your Remuneration Statement, for Line Type B2 and Column Type X, click on a BETRG field and activate the magnifying glass icon (F2) to see it's details, and then do the same for the second one. Are they identical?

    I In order to debug your problem, I would suggest that you copy Type B2 and Column Type X twice, to create Type B2 and Column Type C (Current) and Type B2 and Column Type Y (YTD), each having field LGTXT but only one field BETRG in a distinc position ...

    ... and then in the "Change Window" tab, modify the Line Layout of some of your WTs so that the RT table uses Column Type C and that the CRT table uses Column Type Y.

    And as for Identifyers INR and INR1, perhaps there is someone familiar with Payroll for India who could help you.

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    • Is it possible that you are using Evaluation Classes (from V_512W_D) to assign the WTs to the Remuneration Statement?

      Seems like you have some problems with your Identifiers (ID). Please double check all WTs that they contain, and also check what WTs are in each Evaluation Class (using t-code PC00_M99_DLGA20).

      In the first screen capture that you posted, you show part of the Structure of a Group from a Window. Have you tried to create 2 lines for a single SGr, the first one reading Table RT, ID **01 with Line Type B2 and Column Type C and a second line (same SGr) reading table CRT, ID **01 with Line Type B2 and Column Type Y ?