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Mar 12, 2007 at 05:56 PM

Analysis Authorizations at Key Figure level



In our 2004s BI implementation, we have a speical need to restrict data access at Key Figure (KF) level. For instance, we have 3 KF in our sales cube called SALES QUANTITY, SALES COST, and SALES AMOUNT. We have 2 groups of users - first group is authorized to see all 3 KFs where as the second group is NOT authorized to see SALES AMOUNT. How can we achieve this in 2004s BI security? Have you come across this kind of security/authorization/access implementation?

Of course, I can create 2 Multi-providers one for each gorup of users and control the security. Or I can build 2 different queries to our users and handle this request.

My question is, "Is there any way we can achieve this kind of security using just one Cube and one Query?" In other words, can we use Analysis Authorization objects to control this kind of access? If so, how? Or any other way to acheive our needs?


Jay Lakshmanan