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Mar 12, 2007 at 02:55 PM

CRM 5.0 Navigation bar entry that navigates to a custom BSP


Hello all,

I'm currently trying to add an entry in the navigation bar that redirects the webclient to a custom BSP.

I changed the navigation profile and added an entry that should point to a 'Navigational Link' ('Type of navigation'). When I use the input help it asks me a profile (IC profile, not navbar profile) so I select my Z profile, in the next screen an input help with all possible navigational links are shown but my navigational link is not showing...

What I've done so far:

- I created a viewset containing one view, added the viewset definition to CRM_IC_ALL_Viewsets.xml which is in my Z_CRM_IC_DT_REP bsp application. Below you can find the file:

<ViewSet id="CONTACT/CustomFactSheet">

<ViewArea id="main" views="CONTACT/myFactSheet"/>


- I created the navigational links, it could be I made a mistake here, here is the file :

<NavigationalLink name="showFactSheet">

<Source viewRef="VehIDetail" outboundPlugRef="default"/>


<Target viewRef="CONTACT/myFactSheet" inboundPlugRef="inboundPlug"/>



- In my /CONTACT/CRM_IC bsp application I have two controllers:

myFactSheet: controller for the view myFactSheet

CustomFactSheet: controller for the viewset CustomFactSheet

I'm developing in a customer namespace /CONTACT/, not in the default Z namespace.

I created both the viewset and the view through the IC workbench wizards.

I cannot add this navigational link to my navigation bar profile. When I type the navigational link 'showFactSheet' in the navigation bar profile item (without using F4) and I launch the interaction center, click on the newly added link, nothing happens... (No error messages or dumps however) Everything else works, I have tons of other navigational links that work fine so it's really the definition of this particular item, all the rest of the configuration is done and is working.

Anyone an idea??

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,