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Aux Scan descriptors in Sybase

I am writing a query for Sybase (unionize query). Now according to Sybase article there is one aux scan descriptor for each table in the query and considering that I have 100 queries with 3 tables/query it should have 300 aux scan descriptors. But when I run the query it says that it requires 303 aux scan descriptors. Somehow the extra 3 aux scan descriptors is a variable number. Previously I use to get error saying it required 305 descriptors. I went through their documentation but did not find anything helpful. Can anyone explain how this variable number that is added?

Another case is when I set aux scan descriptors to 278 and run the query, The query runs successfully. 25 descriptors are added to the value that I had set using the below command

<code>sp_configure "aux scan descriptors", x

Can anyone give some pointers on this?

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