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May 30, 2017 at 09:35 AM

Auxiliary key figures in SNP planning book do not disaggregate


Hi SMEs,

Need an expert advice for an which one of our business users is currently encountering. The issue is like this - we have around 5 auxiliary key figures in SNP planning book. The business user has added some resources in APO system and has done capacity levelling for each of the newly added resources.

When the user tries to load data saved for a set of resources, the capacity data is displayed at aggregate level but at the same time when he/she tries to disaggregate data at resource level or product level, no disaggregated values are displayed.

Please help me with a code snippet to be used in macro workbench in order to suffice the above requirement of disaggregating the data at the resource level or product level.

Thanks & Regards,

Ujwal Arora