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Annual estimation in performance based maintenance plan

May 30, 2017 at 09:09 AM


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Hi everyone,

For certain equipment, I created a performance based maintenance plan. Maintenance depends on how many times the equipment has been used, and this is updated each time the equipment has been used in a production order. This all works well.

However, I need to enter an annual estimation. Based on this estimation, SAP creates maintenance call objects (with a certain due date and measurement reading), so when the equipment has been used a certain number of times, the maintenance object is released and a notification is send. Each time a production order is confirmed, the measurement reading is updated and also the maintenance call object is rescheduled, based on the reading and the annual estimate.

When a maintenance call object has been created on a certain date and this date is reached, the call object is also released. This happens if (until the due date of the call object) the measurement point is not updated. Then, the call object is not rescheduled and thus the call object is released based on the date, not on the measurement reading.

I don't want this. I only want call objects to be released based on the measurement point reading, not based on a certain date. I also don't want to enter monthly measurement documents (with only 0's) and I also don't want to enter a very low annual estimation. I want SAP to simply not release the call object based on a date. How do I do this? Can I discard the annual estimation and let SAP create call objects without releasing these on a certain date?

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2 Answers

Manate Rejesch Jun 08, 2017 at 11:01 AM

Is there someone who can help me?

I still have this problem...

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Sebastian Lenartowicz Jun 08, 2017 at 11:17 AM

Greetings Manate,

I don't think that this is possible with the standard settings.

Personally, as we corresponded before, I would go with entering a low estimate in this case.

But maybe you have some option of implementing a solution with the customer exit IPRM0002 - maybe this could enable you to push back the due date if the counter reading level is not yet met.

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