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Mar 12, 2007 at 10:46 AM

HRFORMS Payslip - problem grouping identical wage types


Dear All.

We are running on SAP ERP Central Component 5.0, support pack SAPKE50030.

I have created a GB payslip and amended it with no problems, using Layout Editor "Form Builder" and a "Flat Structure". The copy was based on the delivered SAP_PAYSLIP_GB example.

I have two issues:-

Issue 1. How to combine (group) wagetypes within the payslip. For instance, if the wage type “Basic Pay” appears twice due to a retroactive run, the payslip prints both items separately. The standard version has the same issue, it does not group identical wage types into a single data line.

We wish to combine these into a single line. I have extensively reviewed the setup, along with two other consultants, and cannot find how/where this is done.

I did find the following help, regarding inserting a table or loop (from the Interface to the Context within Form Builder):-

Items 1-7 on this help page make perfect sense, and can be followed with no problems. Item 8, on the other hand, does not seem to relate to anything on the menus, buttons, or anything. The help says:-

Under Control Levels, enter one or more data fields from the table that you want to use to group information in the output. When you choose this option, the context tree is changed. The grouping is indicated by the selected fields being placed before all other fields of the table.

We cannot find the "Control Levels" it refers to!!!

Issue 2. Using standard functionality to generate the Total Payment and Total Deduction figures - and the system retros, these totals are only picking up the figures from the earliest period run, and not adding in the subsequent figures. (Using transaction SM31, with view V_T596I - subapplication CEDT. using cummulation wagetypes TDED and TPTS)

I can send a PDF example which covers both these issues, if that would be help.

Any ideas/ suggestions would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


Adrian Wood.